Moolah Palooza! A Salary Comparison for Creative Jobs

Ever wonder if you're underpaid (or overpaid)? Curious what your peers are commanding in today's job market? For a pulse on the latest compensation and hiring trends in the creative industry, look no further than The Creative Group 2015 Salary Guide.

The 2015 Salary Guide guide marks the 15th year The Creative Group has published data on starting salary levels in the creative and marketing fields. I've had a hand in developing them since 2006, the "piggy bank" year. (Don't know what I'm talking about? Here's a quick look at our past salary guides.)

I vividly remember tracking down all kinds of piggy banks for our creative team to photograph and researching piggy bank trivia to weave into the copy. The following year, the guide had a "money" theme and I had to make a trip to a local currency exchange store to procure a variety of foreign bills for a photo shoot.

Working on the TCG Salary Guide is always an adventure. And my favorite part? Collaborating with the creative team to pick the theme – and sharing the information with reporters and via social media after the release, of course.

TCG_2015_SalaryGuide_CoverSo, What Is the Theme for the 2015 Salary Guide?

This year, we're taking you on a rockin' road trip to Moolah Palooza, the place to be for creative professionals. Join us and you'll get VIP access to the latest compensation and hiring trends. It features a salary comparison of more than 125 interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations positions, so you can see how your paycheck stacks up to others in the industry. You'll also find out what jobs are in demand and paying the most money.

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