Love is in the Air: Things We Can't Live Without

In honor of Valentine's Day, here are some TCG team members' most loved work-related items. Perhaps you'll adore them too.

Is there one particular thing you simply can't live, er, work without? You know, like Milton's red stapler? In addition to all things creative, the TCG crew is passionate about these sweet products, tools and apps:

"I use Uber when I'm on the road to reserve transportation at a reasonable price. If I'm in an unfamiliar city, I can get a driver within minutes to take me to an event or hotel. It's often less expensive than renting a car and paying for parking. The app is easy to use, allows you to rate service, and billing is taken care of immediately. I love it!" ­– Diane Domeyer, executive director

"I never leave home without my Bose earbud headphones. They are essential for my walk to work and help me forget about the subzero temps. I also use them for lunchtime workouts and for tuning out the hard-working recruiters in my office while I concentrate on writing press releases." ­– Kellie Shadle, public relations manager

"I love my new wireless remote Genius Ring Presenter. It makes me feel very powerful to wear a ring that can do so many things. Shazam!– Julie Sims, senior director of communications strategy

"I'm not a huge gadget guy or novelty gift owner, but I've grown to love my Mimoco USB flash drive that looks like a Wampa ice creature from Star Wars. It reminds me not to take life too seriously, and it causes people to do a double take when I'm working on my laptop at the coffee shop. Also, I'm quite fond of cappuccinos. Caffeine falls under the 'work-related' category, right?" ­– Doug White, TCG Blog editor

"I still write a lot by hand, despite being of the digital era. At work or at home, I can't live without my Moleskine notebooks and amazing pens. Absolutely no ballpoint pens; they must be ultra-fine and super inky. I'll take blue or black, depending on my mood. My favorite is the Uni-ball Vision Exact Micro (not Fine – that's way too thick)." ­– Jillian Kurvers, content marketing manager

"I love Sharpie pens. They are the perfect instruments for doodling ­– and making bold remarks." ­Tom Berg, art director

"I have two. Vine is my paintbrush and Storify on the iPad is my canvas." – Tom Schreiber, interactive art director

"When I travel for work, I like to haul my laptop and other tech gadgets in a backpack versus a laptop bag. It's easier to carry and if it's a short trip, there's enough room to store my clothes and toiletries in it, too. (Yes, I like to travel light.) This Custom Swig Laptop Backpack from Timbuk2 is functional and fashionable." – Alison Strickland, senior public relations manager

Are there any work-related products, tools or apps you simply can't live without?