I Love My Job Because …

Working in the creative industry is no doubt challenging, but it's also very rewarding. Despite the daily struggles of our jobs, there's often a silver lining.

Lengthy to-do lists, unrelenting deadlines and demanding clients can take a toll on any creative professional – sapping our energy, creativity and morale. Sometimes, we even have to make a concerted effort to be happy at work. But despite these headaches and hurdles, at the end of the day, many of us love our jobs.

Not convinced? We recently asked a simple question on our LinkedIn company page: "What's one thing you love about your job?" The responses rolled in – and it was quite uplifting.

Here's what some of you told us why you love your job:

  • "Having the ability to turn great thoughts into beautiful visual communications." ­– Cali Fagan
  • "The artistic license to write informative and engaging stories." – Natasha S. Morris
  • "I love having the ability to face new challenges and solve new problems every day. Each client is a unique learning opportunity." – Elise Connors
  • "Freedom to fail – to give anything a reasonable shot. If it doesn't work, move on to the next idea. If it does work – awesome! I never hear, 'We've tried that and it didn't work.'" ­– Joel Hagen
  • "I like being able to give a company a public face (branding) or being able to drive down a road and see the work of my hand (advertising)." – Andrew Haack
  • "I love that I know that my design has direct impact in making medical professionals' jobs easier, therefore, increasing patient safety. Being a creative in the medical field is awesome!” – Catherine Jeu
  • "I love being able to collaborate and create with incredibly smart people every day!" – Sara Barton
  • "The variety! I would go crazy doing the same thing day after day after day!!!" – Karyn Schumaker
  • "Being able to create a design from scratch and the clients' reactions once they see the concept." – Schonda Carey
  • "I love the sense of accomplishment when I complete something. Like I have been waiting to exhale." – Chaz Schlueter
  • "One thing I love is that I get to creatively solve problems. I learn a lot while getting there." – Jason Taylor
  • "Hearing that the client loved my work!” - Natalie Zindl D'Angelo

You can see the full list of responses on our LinkedIn company page.

Do you love your job? Leave a comment letting us know what keeps you coming back for more.

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