How to Map Out Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, the strength and makeup of your team matters as much as where you’re focusing your resources and energy.

I recently read a Bulldog Reporter article about digital marketing that mentioned a study I found surprising. A few points that I found intriguing:

  • 77 percent of small and mid-sized businesses feel they lack the time or knowledge to manage digital media effectively
  • 70 percent of small business owners wish they could take advantage of digital media to help expand their offerings and reach new customers
  • Nearly half of small businesses will continue to allocate only 20 percent or less of their marketing budget to digital strategies in 2015

Considering how much time consumers now spend online, lacking a digital marketing strategy — and the right people to execute it ­— is a huge missed business opportunity. And the research highlighted above shows small and mid-sized companies recognize it — they just don’t know where to begin.

We’re Here to Help!

If you feel behind the curve when it comes to developing or refining your digital marketing strategy, rest assured you can get up to speed quickly. We’ve put together a guide to help you better understand this space and the staffing resources you might need from a creative and technical standpoint. Download our free Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies & Staffing for an overview of five key digital marketing initiatives and how to staff them:

  • Launching a website
  • Getting mobile-friendly
  • Optimizing for search
  • Succeeding with social media
  • Maximizing your email marketing initiatives

Download the guide now!

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