How to Land Job Interviews the Creative Way

Miruna Macri's unique creative portfolio helped her garner attention and land job interviews. Here's the story of her "Passfolio Project."

Miruna Macri will graduate from the Miami Ad School-New York today. If her name sounds familiar, it's probably because the enterprising design student recently attracted attention with her clever and unconventional "Passfolio Project."

Macri, 23, designed her creative portfolio to look just like a passport. (The main page was her resume, the visas were her work samples and the description functioned as her bio.) She then "lost" copies of her fake passport outside 20 of her favorite creative agencies in New York City.

She completed the novel self-promotional piece in between tackling other design projects and various class assignments. Macri says it took six weeks to finish the portfolio, noting that she spent the last three days "staring at it and wondering if it was a good idea."

Turns out it was.

Her unique approach has led to four job interviews thus far. "The outcome was amazing," Macri says. "I was definitely not expecting the extraordinary feedback I got."

In case any hiring managers are wondering, the budding art director's ideal situation is finding a workplace with a nice environment that's full of happy, passionate people. Says Macri: "I think the space and vibe that you're working in has a huge influence on the work you produce."

Here's a short video detailing the project: