Halloween Design Challenge: Make Dr. Frankenccino

In honor of Halloween and The Creative Group's new coffee-themed 2014 Salary Guide, here's a creative exercise brewed just for you.

The ordering system at coffee houses is getting ridiculous these days. Gone are simple orders like "black" or even "two sugars, please." Now, you can walk into a coffee emporium and order a "Double Ristretto Venti Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot With Foam and Whipped Cream Upside-Down Double Blended." No, really. That's a legit order.

Regardless of how you like your caffeinated beverage prepared, there's one thing that every single morning joe has in common: It comes in a cup.

Some are made of recycled cardboard while others are your run-of-the-coffee-mill Styrofoam cup, but all of them would make a great body for a makeshift office supply monster. An exercise you are challenged to undertake right now. Oh c'mon, it'll help you rediscover the joy of creativity.

The design challenge: Using a coffee cup as your base and anything that happens to be in arm's reach right now, channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein and create a coffee cup monster. It can be as playful or terrible as you would like. Just be sure the coffee cup is empty before you begin. We want this monster to be all bark, no bite.

Stefan Mumaw is the Creative Director and Purveyor of All That Rocks at Callahan Creek, a Kansas City-area ad agency. For more fun creative exercises, check out his most recent book Creative Boot Camp, a 30-day crash course on creativity.

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