Featured App: Designer Stefan Bucher's Monster Maker

Monsters are popular, particularly during this time of year. But for acclaimed designer, illustrator and writer Stefan Bucher, monsters are more of a perennial pursuit.

Bucher is the man behind DailyMonster.com and the Daily Monster Monster Maker app. If you're looking to have a monstrously fun – and creative – experience, this is indeed the iPad and iPhone app for you.

You and/or your kiddos can design and customize monsters using more than 500 elements in the app's monster parts palette. Or you can draw your own monsters. Either way, you can pose with your monster and post the image on social media sites – just in time for Halloween. Speaking from recent experience, playing with the app is an activity that both design-minded adults and imaginative children will enjoy.

But what is it that makes monsters so intriguing to people of all ages?

"I think people are fascinated by monsters because they get to live out the fears, anxieties and hedonistic desires that we have to keep in check to get through life," Bucher says. "Monsters don't have to worry about being too fat, too slow, too angry or too dull. And if they want to eat everything in the snack aisle in one sitting ­… they can! And if they are worried about it, they don't have to worry about letting their worry show. Monsters have no need to be cool."

If you're hungry for more than the app, order Bucher's clever and engaging book 100 Days of Monsters. It comes with a companion DVD featuring videos of Bucher going through his unique process of creating his signature inkblot monsters.

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