Edible Art: Creatives Who Play With Their Food

Maybe it's because I like (no, love) to cook and bake that I always have food on my mind. What recipe should I try next? What's in season – and on sale – at the grocery store? What Food Network shows are on tonight? In fact, when I'm not in the office, chances are you can find me in the kitchen or at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods Market or Safeway.

And I'm not the only one obsessed with food. In fact, there are some pretty creative folks out there transforming ingredients into art. Here are a few designs that have caught my eye:

Mom Lee Samantha makes every meal magical for her two little girls – and I'm sure she has no problem getting them to eat their veggies (unless, of course, they think the food art is too pretty to touch, like me). Just take a look at some of these eye-pleasing plates.


While I go through bags of flour and coffee to fill my carb and caffeine cravings, designer and illustrator Danielle Evans does so to create elegant and edible typography. Here's a glimpse of her meticulously crafted work.


Hand-manipulated flour to create the text on Danielle Evans' kitchen counter


Lettering created with Starbucks Komodo Dragon Blend

I have a whole new appreciation for produce after seeing these fresh portraits from New York City photographer Klaus Enrique.


Mona Lisa and The Vegetable Gardener

And did you see the nutty Gouda alphabet typographer Chank Diesel created with the help of 26 other designers? All I can say is that "b" looks quite tasty!

If you've spotted other unique food art, let us know in a comment below.