Comic Neue Teaches an Old Font New Glyphs

Comic Sans had its fun, but now it's time to pass the torch to the new font on the block. To celebrate its arrival, here are five hilarious ways to incorporate Comic Neue into your day-to-day activities.

Some have noted, perhaps with tongue in cheek, that there's nothing funny about Comic Neue. Others have called it a sophisticated alternative to what was once the only convivial font available. Well, the times have changed. Meet Comic Neue, the font you'll want to laugh with, not at.

Acquaint Yourself with the New Funny Font

Designer Craig Rozynski did away with some of Comic Sans' wonky glyphs to give Comic Neue a more in-on-its-own-joke kind of feel. You can say goodbye to puerile penmanship and hello to young, hipper handwriting. With Comic Neue, the effect is both casual and sexy – that means it can give off cool, fun-loving vibes while still appealing to your designer-esque sensibilities.

To help you incorporate this new font into your repertoire, here are five ways to use Comic Neue:

1. Passive aggressive notes. Whether posted above the microwave in the office kitchen or on your roommate's bedroom door, Comic Neue provides the perfect tone for your subtle suggestions and unwanted advice.


2. Children's birthday party invites. Kids are casual by nature, so celebrate youth with the typographic equivalent of punch-stained mouths and sugar crashes. Come to think of it, Comic Neue is laid-back enough for childish adults, too.


3. Ironic t-shirts. Ever seen someone wearing that one Helvetica t-shirt? Now imagine if "Helvetica" were written in Comic Neue. #irony


4. Emails to Grandma. Make your favorite elder feel more modern by replying all to one of her forwarded emails in 18-point Comic Neue. Bonus points if you switch the text color to cerulean.


5. Work signature. Have a quote that's dear to you? Outlook may default to Arial or Calibri, but there's no rule against having a little fun as you sign off. Switch that signature to Comic Neue and show colleagues you hardly mean business.


Have a Serious Laugh with Comic Neue

How will you use this down-for-anything font? Share your plans for Comic Neue in the comments.

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