Office Culture

5 Tips on How to Boost Creativity on Your Team

If you are the manager of a creative or marketing department, finding the time and energy to encourage innovative thinking amongst your team can be challenging.


Classifying Workplace Jargon: See What Fits in These 7 Buckets

Are you a workplace jargon offender? Chances are you've dabbled in some key phrases. As often as jargon is used around the office, thus far there's been little effort put into its categorization. I'd like to change that.


Suit Drive: Helping Others Is Always in Fashion!

Do you have some nice but ignored business clothes lurking in your closet? We want them. Join us in supporting low-income job seekers as we host our annual suit drive from August 12-23. We'll donate your interview-appropriate attire to Dress for Success and similar nonprofit organizations. Clothes should be suitable for work, as well as clean, stylish and in good condition.


How to Be a Design Activist Without Getting Fired

If you're working in a traditional corporate environment, it can be tricky to bill yourself as an activist without putting your job in jeopardy. How can you lobby for change without aggravating your boss and coworkers, and still fulfill your core duties?