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How to Prioritize Projects When Your Hair is Already on Fire

Prioritize projects

Figuring out how to prioritize projects when you and your team are already overwhelmed is certainly a challenge. But it’s doable. Here’s one in-house creative manager’s proven strategy for successfully prioritizing workflow and reducing the impact of those scary last-minute pop-up requests.


Inspiring Creativity in Your Employees: Tips From a Top Creative Agency


It’s hard enough to keep your own creative juices flowing when you’re a practicing creative professional. It’s doubly difficult when you’re charged with inspiring creativity in a team, especially one with a reputation for cutting-edge work. But for the leadership at Hybrid Design, inspiring creativity is a key factor in empowering the firm’s team members to create award-winning work. Here's how they do it.


8 Sure-Fire Employee Engagement Tactics


Given the high costs of employee turnover, retention should be a top priority for managers. One of the best ways to keep your creative team intact is to step up your employee engagement efforts.