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3 Must-Have Soft Skills in the Workplace


It may come as a surprise, but your soft skills could be the most important assets in your career toolbox. Here are three key soft skills creative professionals should hone.


Hot Job: Copywriter

If you have impeccable writing skills, can quickly interpret client needs and work well under tight time constraints, creative agencies and in-house departments want to hear from you.


8 Tips for Writing a Cover Letter that Gets Results

Writing a Cover Letter

Many job seekers believe the cover letter is a relic of a bygone age. Those people are wrong. Far from a thing of the past, the often overlooked cover letter is a key self-promotional tool for creative job seekers.


3 Tips to Kick-Start Your User Interface Design Career

Kick-Start Your User Interface Design Career

Digital design today is increasingly focused on user experience and interaction. If you expect your target audience to return, their experience must be simple and efficient from start to finish. That’s where user interface design comes in.