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Is Your Digital Footprint Hurting Your Chances of Getting Hired?

Illustration of a computer screen reading "Fail" with a frowning face.

What you say and do outside of work impacts your career pursuits. Yet some people still fail to realize how much their digital footprint matters. Here are some surprising things employers have found when searching online for information about creative job candidates — and advice for avoiding the same snafus.


Verbs Before Blurbs on Your Creative Resume

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From one creative resume to the next, employers often come across the same statement from job candidates: “I am an effective team player.” The hiring manager yawns and thinks, “Big deal. Who isn’t?” But you swear, you really are an effective team player! Well, of course you are. The problem is that using the same tired terms on your resume as every other applicant does you no good. Read how choosing the right words can help you set yourself apart.


Hot Job: Social Media Manager

Text reading Social Media Manager.

A gift for storytelling. Diplomacy online and off. Search engine optimization skills. Today’s social media manager has all that, plus a knack for developing highly creative campaigns and measuring how effective those ideas are.