Industry Trends

A Bright Future for In-House Creative Professionals

Illustration of a road leading toward the sunshine.

Alex Center, design director at The Coca-Cola Company and a member of AIGA’s In-house INitiative steering committee, explains why the time is ripe to consider an in-house creative career.


What Does a Marketing Automation Manager Really Do?

Illustration of automated machines moving things near a computer desktop.

There’s more and more talk of marketing automation these days. But if the marketing automation manager job remains a mystery to you, here’s a firsthand account of what the role is all about.


Are You Thinking Like a CMO?

illustration of brain plugged in

Do you aspire to be a chief marketing officer? You first have to think like one. And to think like a CMO, you need to get plugged into who’s influencing them, the topics they’re discussing and the marketing content they’re reading.