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How to Sell Your Company to Gen Z

Hire generation z

As the next generation of workers arrives, companies must adjust their hiring efforts and workplace environments to attract ­— and retain — them. Here are five things you should know about Generation Z before you begin recruiting this new crop of creatives.


Getting Out of the Skills Gap

Skills gap

As the economy continues to grow stronger, agencies and in-house teams are facing greater challenges finding skilled creative talent. According to research from The Creative Group, hiring in the creative industry is picking up, but employers are under pressure to recruit and retain the talent they need. For one, there just aren't enough qualified candidates available.


Boomerang Effect: How to Rehire Former Employees

Creative professionals with in-demand skills are in short supply, prompting some companies to rehire former workers who left the organization on good terms. But there are pros and cons to weigh before recruiting so-called boomerang employees.