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6 Steps to Growing Your Personal Brand as a Freelancer

When creative agencies market themselves to clients, they have the power of a brand to stand behind: a well-designed logo, a thoughtful positioning statement and the positive associations that those elements bring. If you're a freelancer, you can harness those same powerful tools to effectively promote your services to new customers.


Unhappy at Work? 5 Ways to Turn Things Around

Image of a frowning face and a smiling face on a window.

Do you find yourself frustrated or bored on the job? It could be a sign that the “honeymoon phase” of your new job has ended. Here’s how to bounce back.


Phone Interview Tips for Creative Professionals

Illustration of a hand holding a smartphone.

Even though phone interviews can seem less daunting, it’s crucial to prepare for a call with the same diligence as you would an in-person interview.


9 Tips for Dealing With Stress at Work

Illustration of a creative working doing meditation on his desk.

Looking to boost your career and your happiness? Finding effective ways to cope with stress at work might be one of the most important skills you can cultivate.


10 Things to Do After Getting Fired from Your Creative Job

Photo of a creative professional holding a box after getting fired.

Getting fired is one of the toughest career challenges to handle, regardless of whether you saw it coming or the news hit you out of nowhere. Here are 10 tips to help you deal with the loss and get back on track.