Career Q&A: You Have Career Questions, We Have Career Advice

The job search is a tricky process – and one that's unique to every individual. No matter how many career advice articles you read and friends or business acquaintances you consult, for example, some questions may still remain. And chances are, you're not the only one in this boat.

In that vein, we'll be sharing some of your career questions (with permission) and answering them here on the blog, starting with this one, which we received as a message on our Facebook page:

How you would suggest approaching a job interview in which the job description shows a lack of knowledge about appropriate software? Many in-house and nonprofit teams haven't had the luxury or benefit of someone on staff knowing what software is considered standard. Is it a good idea to wait until an offer is presented to ask about software? If some employers understood the benefit of switching to InDesign from Publisher, they might choose to make the investment. But to someone who isn't in the creative industry, it could look like diva behavior to inquire if the boss is open to getting better software. Would love your insights.Sharon Gutowski, St. Louis

That's a great question – and it can be a sticky subject, especially if you are interviewing for a job and are not yet part of the team. If you’re truly interested in the company and role, it may help to start by asking questions about the company's software. Perhaps they have newer technology that's not listed in the job description. If not, you can inquire why they are using their current software. This will give you a clearer picture as to what you're up against.

If there is no budget to invest in newer software and that is something you could not live with, you may want to move on. If the company seems open to upgrading their software, you can show examples of work that you’ve done using newer products. Be sure to clearly show how you were able to accomplish certain tasks using the newer tools. You may even refer to some of the company's existing work and offer ideas for how it might be improved using newer software. Hope this helps!

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