Annoying Coworkers: Halloween Edition

Annoying Coworkers: Halloween Edition

Halloween isn’t the only day of the year when ghosts, zombies, mummies and other frightening characters haunt office halls. Do any of these annoying coworkers sound familiar?

There are certain types of office ghouls who constantly scare up trouble with their bedeviling behavior and horrifying habits. For instance, many creative professionals have felt the sting of a saboteur. According to a recent survey by The Creative Group, 31 percent of advertising and marketing executives interviewed said a coworker has tried to make them look bad on the job. (How’s that for a scary stat?)

Moreover, in an OfficeTeam survey, one in three workers admitted they’ve dealt with an office bully. And more than one-quarter of human resources managers polled in the same survey said they think workplace bullying happens at least somewhat often at their company.

While the following types of annoying coworkers aren’t quite as awful as bullies or saboteurs, they’re no treat to deal with either:

  • Mummies are all wrapped up in one thing: themselves. These eerie egomaniacs have absolutely no concept of collaboration or teamwork and care only about moving up the ladder. In addition to stealing the spotlight for group successes, these shameless self-promoters also pawn off assignments they deem “low profile.”
  • Ghosts can never be found and frequently leave their creative coworkers in the lurch. While their computers are always on, ghosts are perpetually away from their desks, vanishing for extended periods — especially during critical crunch times when an extra helping hand is desperately needed.
  • Sickos creep out of the woodwork this time of year. No, I’m not talking about Jason, Michael Myers or Leatherface. I’m talking about the germ-ridden snifflers who insist on coming into the office when they clearly should have taken a sick day. Sickos spread both illness and ill will. In an effort to display commitment, they end up terrifying everyone with their lack of consideration and common sense.
  • Scarecrows love to frighten fellow employees (especially new hires) with spooky stories about the boss, the workload and the overall organization. Painting certain clients and managers as fire-breathing ogres and sneakily spreading other spine-tingling tales of woe are these perennial pessimists’ specialty.
  • Witch’s Brewers stir up sinister-smelling concoctions — no cauldron necessary. With no regard for their colleagues’ noses, these microwave-abusing monsters often heat up stinky, gag-inducing foods. Is the nasty stench of a leftover cod sandwich or burnt popcorn wafting through the building? You know who’s to blame.
  • Zombies walk through the day in a disengaged and trancelike state, sluggishly going through the motions with little to no pride or passion for their creative work. Known for their dead stares and apathetic demeanors, zombies only exhibit excitement at quitting time (4:59 p.m.) each day.

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Editor’s note: This post has been updated. It was originally published in October 2013.

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