A Grown-Up School Supply List

The silver lining of back-to-school season is getting to buy brand spankin' new stuff. There's nothing like a box full of crayons and a fresh notebook to get you in the mood to learn something new. But why should kids have all the fun?

We’ve rounded up 10 office products that will brighten your workspace and get your creative juices flowing as summer gives way to fall. Consider this your big-kid school supply list.

Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag

If you enjoy using the Evernote app, you're sure to love the company's $199 abrAsus messenger bag (see photo). A triangular shape allows it to stand on its own while giving you a bird's-eye view of the contents every time you unzip it. If you prefer the old-school comfort of a backpack, check out Evernote's streamlined Rhine Flat Backpack ($180). 

Pantone Storage Boxes

You may not be required to buy a pencil box anymore, but you can show your creative spirit while hiding your clutter with these bold Pantone storage boxes ($25). The large metal boxes stack and store easily, and come in a variety of Pantone colors. (Too bad our fav Radiant Orchid isn't one of them.)

Building Block Tape Dispenser

Everything is awesome with these building block tape dispensers ($4.85). Collect all four colors ­– red, blue, green and yellow – and build a mega-tape dispenser.

Indice Bookends

Even in the digital age, we creative professionals still like the tactile exercise of thumbing through magazines and books. Keep inspiration at your fingertips with these colorful Indice Bookends ($25).

Slice Stainless Steel Scissors

The flat-lay design of these Karim Rashid-designed scissors make them ideal for righties and lefties. Made from professional-grade stainless steel, they're a sleek, sharp addition to your office toolkit. And imagine all the paper hearts you can craft for your colleagues come Valentine's Day.

Umbra Door Hangers

Remember those handy dry-erase message boards you hung outside your college dorm room doors? You may not be a student anymore, but you can communicate with your coworkers using these quirky, double-sided office door hangers ($5 each). Messages include "Keep Out!," "Shhhh" and "Ciao!," or you can slip your own greeting or photo into the 4-by-4-inch pocket.

642 Places to Draw

If you dreamed of being a foreign exchange student or wish there were more business trips on the calendar, this new sketchbook ($16.95) full of travel-related prompts will help you scratch your wanderlust itch while polishing your drawing skills.

iStick Multifunction Desktop Organizer

You may have kept a messy locker in high school, but it's harder to hide your clutter now that you work in a cubicle. This multifunctional desktop organizer ($45) doubles as a USB hub/card-reader, coffee cup holder, pen holder and mobile phone stand (even while charging). It also has slots and enough storage space for holding photos, memo notepads and business cards.

Shinola Sketch Set

If you're not ready to fork over the dough for a Shinola watch, be one of the first to snatch up this sophisticated sketch set, made with the same fine craftsmanship and U.S.-sourced materials as the Detroit-based company's other popular products. The set ($44.95) includes pencils packaged in a Shinola tin, a wooden pencil sharpener with five chuck sizes and a linen hard cover journal with plain paper sourced from sustainably managed North American forests.

Crayola Crayons

We bet it's been a while since you purchased a 64-count box of Crayola Crayons. You know, the one with the built-in sharpener. Harness your inner kid while kicking your creativity into high gear with this classic school supply. We insist.

What would you add to our school supply list for creative professionals? Leave a comment and let us know.

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