A Creative Resume You Can't Miss

There's stiff competition for creative jobs today. If you want to capture hiring managers' attention, you may have to go out on a limb.

While you should follow resume rules, presenting your credentials in a less-conventional format may just be what lands you the job, or at least an interview. While gimmicks will leave eyes rolling, a creative resume that showcases your unique skill set and how it will benefit employers can be a good thing.

One look at this creative resume, by Danish art directors Casper Christensen and René Schultz, will have you convinced. Here's the why and what behind the duo's work, in their words:

When creative directors receive a job application, they often just glance over it before it is stockpiled, never to be read again – if it even makes it past the receptionist.

But we figured there's one thing creative directors do look forward to every time. It's the global ad magazine Archive, arriving every second month and filled to the brim with great advertising from all around the globe. So what we did was simple.

We disguised our portfolio as an edition of Archive and sent it out to select creative directors. To entice them even further, we tailored the front-page specifically to the targeted agency. It was a great success and fooled quite a few.

The feedback has been tremendous and overwhelmingly positive, already getting us attention and even our first job in the industry.


Our version of Archive compared to the real deal.


A view of all our Archives. Each and every one has a personalized front-page made specifically for the target agency.


Getting the packaging just right.


The final batch, ready for delivery.

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