9 T-Shirts Designers Should Have in Their Closets

T-Shirts Designers Should Have in Their Closets

These graphic T-shirts will have you looking stylish while showing off your love of design and typography.

Being a designer is kind of like belonging to a special society, only without the uniforms or badges. Sure, you can often spot design professionals by their fashionable accessories and propensity for black attire, but why not proclaim your membership to this creative club a little more overtly?

Here, we’ve rounded up nine graphic T-shirts that will prove that you’re passionate about your profession.


Nowadays, it’s all about the user experience. Shown above, this T-shirt design ranks high in usability.

Oh, Crop

This punny tee will elicit a chuckle from fellow clever creatives.

No I Will Not Make the Logo Bigger

Wearing this shirt is a not-so-subtle way to let clients know that you are fully prepared for their design feedback. 


Although it was made to connect, this character is loveliest when it’s left all alone.

I Would Kern You So Tight

What irks designers more than bad kerning? Nothing.

Give ’em Helvetica

Show off your sense of humor with this play on words.

I Love Command Z

Is there anything better than Command Z? If only we could extend it beyond the computer interface.

Spelin Chanp

Want to needle your copywriting colleagues? This is the shirt for you.

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