6 Salary-Boosting Digital Jobs for 2014

It's a lucrative time to work in the creative and IT industries, according to a press release we issued with our sister division, Robert Half Technology, earlier this week.

There could be a little more green in your wallet, according to the recently released 2014 Salary Guides from The Creative Group and Robert Half Technology – if you have the skills employers seek. According to the release, professionals working in some of the most in-demand positions can expect to see their creative salaries or IT starting salaries increase as much as 7.8 percent this year.

So, which digital jobs are expected to see the biggest salary gains? Following are six roles that are among those projected to see the most substantial increases in average starting compensation in 2014, as outlined in the release*:

  1. Mobile applications developer: As companies expand their mobile initiatives to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere, they need professionals who can develop for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Experienced mobile applications developers can expect to see the largest increase (7.8 percent) in starting compensation of any tech position listed in this year's Salary Guide, with salaries ranging from $100,000 to $144,000.
  2. Business intelligence analyst: Organizations of all types want to derive more value from the data they generate, collect and store by turning it into actionable intelligence. Skilled business intelligence analysts can anticipate a 7.4 percent boost in starting compensation in 2014, with salaries ranging from $101,250 to $142,250.
  3. Information systems security manager: Keeping data secure and protecting users and the network from cyber threats is a priority for any modern business. Information systems security managers who can assess and remediate vulnerabilities, threats and intrusions are in demand, and are projected to see a 6.8 percent bump in base compensation this year, with average starting salaries between $115,250 and $160,000.
  4. User experience designer: Designing engaging user experiences is essential to the success of any mobile or web initiative – and requires specialized talent. User experience designers can expect to see average starting salaries between $78,000 and $120,000, up 7.5 percent from 2013.
  5. Mobile designer: Compelling content and functionality are vital to delivering a satisfying interactive mobile experience. Skilled mobile designers can anticipate average starting salaries to increase 6.3 percent in 2014, to the range of $66,000 to $103,000.
  6. User experience specialist: Developing innovative, interactive user experiences for web and mobile applications requires creativity and technical expertise. User experience specialists can expect to receive base compensation in the range of $79,000 to $118,000, a gain of 5.9 percent over last year.

Want to learn more about these positions? Check out The Creative Group 2014 Salary Guide, which focuses on interactive, design and marketing jobs, and the Robert Half Technology 2014 Salary Guide, which includes a wide range of IT job descriptions.

*All salaries listed are U.S. national averages based on data published in the 2014 Salary Guides from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group. Actual salary ranges may vary depending on location.