5 Holiday Fonts to Help Ring in Black Friday

It's Black Friday. Black Font Friday, to be precise. And according to our calculations, you're either two-thirds of the way to the front of the line, or still stuffed from turkey and eggnog. Come back for seconds because boy, have we got a holiday font treat for you.

No matter how you're spending this sacred shopping day, here's the perfect complement to that seasonal stationery you're sure to get on sale: Five festive fonts to keep your messages merry.

Here are our favorite holiday fonts. Share yours in the comments below:

1) Foglihten – This decorative serif font is the ideal companion to your starry-night themed holiday party invite. Foglihten Regular is modern and understated while No03 has a multidimensionality that makes me think of icicles and snow-topped roofs. Either option will make your glyphs glisten.



2) Ladybat Light – If you don't have the patience, or the calligraphy set, summon Ladybat to make your Hanukkah greetings stand out, no matter how you spell it. This gothic font looks like it could have been done by hand and is perfect for your boldest well-wishes.


3) Germanica – It's medieval and a little tattoo-esque, in the classic sense, but also smacks of Ye Olde Antiquated Christmas, if you get my drift. If you're not feeling a bold, silly sans font for your holiday sweater party invite, go big with this ultimate throwback font.


4) St. Nicholas – This inky, scrolling Christmas font toes the line between cozy, roaring fire and creaky old floorboards. In other words, it's charming and multipurpose. Use it to send mixed messages in your holiday thank-you notes, among other things.


5) Many Weatz – Have you ever found an old love letter in an elderly relative's attic? Neither have I, but it happens in the movies and the handwriting is always stately and impossible-looking, like that of Many Weatz. Cover all your holiday bases with this elegant holiday font choice.


Have a White-Hot Black Font Friday

Enjoy what's left of Black Friday, especially if what's left includes leftovers. Oh, and happy first-official-day-of-the-holiday-season! Celebrate by sharing your favorite holiday, Hanukkah and Christmas fonts in the comments.