5 Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

The Seahawks may have won the game, but of all the Super Bowl commercials that aired during Sunday's Denver-Seattle showdown, which advertisers came out on top? 

The Super Bowl. It's the one time in television we're actually excited for the commercial interruptions. (Some, perhaps, more than others.) Whether you watch for the love of the game or of the ads (or the nachos – let's be honest), there is definitely something for everyone. Sports and snacks aside, let's see which advertisers made us laugh, cheer and even tear up – just a little.

The Best Super Bowl Commercials of 2014

The five Super Bowl commercials below have earned a spot in Super Bowl commercial history, along with the likes of 1995's Budweiser Frogs, Chrysler's Imported From Detroit campaign in 2011 and last year's Dafoe-as-devil Mercedes Benz spot. It's a coveted place to be, so keep us honest and let us know which Super Bowl commercials made your best-of list.  

  1. Budweiser: The Tearjerker. Following on the heels of last year's Clydesdale-themed Super Bowl commercial, 2014 brings another touchy-feely, fuzzy-footed tearjerker. This time, the reunion is between a Clydesdale and his #BestBud  a puppy.
  2. Cheerios: The Warm-and-Fuzzy. Cheerios upped the cute factor of giving and receiving big news with an adorable little girl and her cheeky compromise.
  3. Audi: The Spoof. Of all the automotive ads, this one stole our attention most. Audi, which typically takes the luxurious road rather than the light one, took a risk with this spoof on dog breeding, dog shows and (notorious) dog lovers.
  4. Oikos: The Big Twist. Uncle Jesse gets a little racy with a woman and some Greek yogurt. Fair enough, but we were more excited by the surprise-guest ending.
  5. Axe: The Surprise. Axe, like Audi, departed from its typical girls-falling-for-goofballs-wearing-body-spray schtick. And while there were still girls swooning over well-scented guys, the effect was, much to our dismay, touching.

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