3 Tips to Kick-Start Your User Interface Design Career

Kick-Start Your User Interface Design Career

Digital design today is increasingly focused on user experience and interaction. If you expect your target audience to return, their experience must be simple and efficient from start to finish. That’s where user interface design comes in.

User interface is a top priority today. Given that users are generally more design savvy (and strapped for time), an interface absolutely must be easy to access and understand. People will flee if a website or application is even remotely difficult to navigate. As a result of the intense spotlight on user experience, user interface design has become a very hot area. If you’re a creative professional who is considering taking a leap into the UI waters, where do you start? We have three tips for you:

1. School yourself on usability guidelines

It’s one thing to create a beautiful interface, but what good is that if it’s not intuitive and users struggle with it? If you’re working in user interface design, you should have a solid grasp of usability concepts and ideas. The Nielsen Norman Group is well known for its rigorous studies of usability — and for turning those studies into easy-to-understand guidelines. In particular, its free Alertbox report delivers a weekly article that is always worth taking the time to read.

2. Study the operating systems 

Operating systems (OS) often release human interface design guides to show how to design your UI to match OS aesthetics and interface patterns. These design guides typically get as detailed as specifying which fonts to use in which scenarios. 

In addition to being primary resources for designing applications to work on a particular platform, these documents can provide insight as to why certain user interface design decisions work well and why others do not. An interesting experiment is to think of applications that are especially difficult or easy to use and then compare them to the platform’s human interface design guides to see how well the applications follow the recommendations. Key human interface design guides include:

3. Class it up

There are many courses on user interface design available online, which could be ideal if you are currently in the workforce and want to expand your skill set. Some UI classes to consider checking out include those offered by Lynda.com, InVisionApp.com and Udemy.com.

User interface design is an exciting, growing field. If you are a creative thinker who is interested in simplifying the interaction between people and technology, pursuing a career in UI is an attractive, promising and in-demand option.

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