Advertising & Marketing – Corporate

Chief Marketing Officer

Leads a company's day-to-day marketing operations. May also be in charge of sales, product management, partnership marketing, customer service, customer retention and other functions. Reviews and coordinates marketing budgets, campaigns and vendor contracts to meet organizational goals. Must be knowledgeable of multiple specialized disciplines – both analytical and creative – including production, legal, financial and information technology. Requires excellent leadership, organizational and communication skills.

MarCom Coordinator

Contributes to overall branding efforts by assisting with the execution of marketing and communications strategies, in addition to tracking campaign results. Duties include researching target audiences, coordinating events and writing promotional materials. Requires strong communication skills.

MarCom Manager

Develops marketing and promotional communications strategy and materials for a company or product, and ensures marketing programs align with public relations activities. Assists in preparation of long- and short-term marketing plans, pricing policies and budgets. May supervise MarCom coordinators. Requires advertising and publishing knowledge, as well as strong writing and analytical skills.

Marketing Director

Directs market messaging activities and supervises marketing staff. Requirements include all of those listed for marketing/communications manager but with more extensive work experience within each function. Requires excellent communication, analytical and managerial skills; an MBA degree is preferred.

Vice President of Marketing

Oversees development of marketing strategies and execution of business plans, including definition of new markets, branding initiatives and pricing. Manages product development processes and maximizes revenue sources. Leads and directs marketing team, and may report directly to the chief marketing officer or chief executive officer. Ten years of marketing experience and five years of management experience are preferred; an MBA degree may be required.