Why a Specialized Staffing Firm Might Just Be Your Best Friend During a Job Search

Even the most experienced professionals could use a helping hand when it comes to the job search. Here are several reasons a specialized staffing firm can be the ally you’re looking for.

“Selling yourself is the most important and most difficult sale you can make.”

Those words, from our company’s founder, Robert Half, epitomize the importance — and complexities — of projecting just the right impression when you’re looking for full-time or temporary work.

Half, who passed away in 2001, was an accountant who pioneered the concept of specialized staffing. The eponymous employment agency he founded was the first to provide services in a certain industry only (in this case, accounting and finance), thereby providing job seekers and hiring managers with more targeted — and more effective — assistance.

In June, he posthumously received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Management Accountants for his and the company’s longtime support of the accounting profession. This prestigious honor also recognizes Half’s commitment to ethics and fair employment principles, in addition to his sincere desire to help people find meaningful employment.

Half adamantly believed that a specialized staffing firm could be a job seeker’s best friend. Here’s how one can help in your next job search.

“A resume will seldom get you a job offer. A resume will often lose you a job offer.”

While it takes more than a resume to land the job, a poorly crafted resume can quickly eliminate you from the pool of applicants. Certain resume mistakes, such as spelling and grammatical errors, indicate a lack of attention to detail. Slang language and the use of smiley faces and other emoticons may signal a lack of professionalism.

Specialized staffing professionals are job search experts. They can critique your resume — and cover letter — and help improve your chances of attracting an employer’s attention with these documents.   

“The interview is an audition — it’s your opportunity to be a star.”

The interview provides a time and place for you to market yourself to the employer. This is the opportunity for you to display your talents, range, knowledge, accomplishments, and other traits that make you the most desirable candidate.

But while it’s your opportunity to shine, unless you’re properly prepared, you may bungle this opportunity. Your representative at a specialized staffing firm can offer tips on how to answer common job interview questions, along with advice on dressing for the interview and body language, to help you avoid job interview deal breakers.

“A clear understanding is clearly an advantage.”

The key to having a winning resume and a successful interview is being able to speak to exactly what the employer seeks in a new hire. The problem is, it’s not always plain what carries the most weight for a hiring manager just by viewing the job posting.

But specialized staffing firms are privy to this type of information because they talk to hiring managers every day, and they know what it takes to succeed in a certain role. With the help of a staffing expert, you can confidently approach the employer knowing which skills and qualifications to emphasize most.

“There are few things in life more important than your career.”

Your career is too important to put in just anyone’s hands. You want the most experienced and knowledgeable people assisting you with the job hunt. Staffing firms that specialize in your field have helped thousands of people like you move their careers forward.

Whether you’re searching for full-time or temporary work, a specialized staffing firm can be your best friend — and biggest ally. With established industry relationships, they have insider knowledge, which can prove valuable to you as a job seeker and provide you with a competitive advantage. 

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