Calling all Future Exhibitors – Check out these Tips for Successful Exhibition

We’ve all been to tradeshows where we’ve seen crowds gathering in an exhibitor’s space while others receive relatively little traffic. You might have wondered: What draws people to a particular booth? What makes exhibitors stand out from others? The answer is simple: Know your audience prior to the conference.

Here are a few tips to draw people in.

  1. Connect with attendees prior to the event on LinkedIn. Let them know you’re an exhibitor and you look forward to seeing them at the conference.
  2. Entertain your visitors. It could be dressing up in a Chewbacca costume. Entertainment is a way of gaining initial attention.
  3. Offer a food item. According to Terry Phillips, metro market manager for Robert Half Technology in Cleveland and Akron, bacon flavored popcorn was a huge hit at a recent CodeMash Conference RHT sponsored. “CodeMash draws developers from all over the state and even country. They go crazy for bacon flavored popcorn! I popped 25 lbs. and was able to make 800 new contacts because of this. We had the most people in our exhibitor area than any other company there.”
  4. Send out live tweets. Display a live Twitter feed and allow visitors to follow you. Use your #hashtag and start a game to get attendees over to your exhibit area. For example, if you know your audience is into Sports trivia, tweet out a question and offer a prize to the first 5 to get to your booth with the correct answer.
  5. Provide a raffle prize. Again, know your audience. What is it that would really appeal to this audience? Are you at an international conference where people are coming from all over the world? Then, you probably don’t want to raffle off a gift card to a local restaurant. Offering a raffle prize that is appealing to your audience will draw them in and allows for you to make more contacts than an exhibitor who doesn’t offer up something.

Conference exhibitions are a big investment – but done right they can deliver huge rewards.