Monthly Jobs Report: Uptick in Chicago Unemployment

According to the monthly jobs report, Chicago unemployment crept up 0.2 percentage points to a rate of 6.3 percent in March. In addition, 24,400 Chicago jobs were added on a non-seasonally adjusted basis.

Statewide, the Illinois unemployment rate also rose slightly, coming in at 6.5 percent in March. In spite of this increase, the state saw month-over-month jobs gains of 14,700.

What does this mean for managers looking to staff open Chicago jobs?

Robert Half District President Marilyn Bird says the increase in Chicago’s unemployment rate may mean hiring managers find themselves with more resumes from unqualified candidates. “In the current market, it’s important to streamline your hiring process,” she says. “And the best place to start is with a job posting and description that eliminates all doubts as to what a position entails, and what skills and experience are required.”

At the same time, Bird underscores the importance of knowing which skills are must-haves and which are like-to-haves when creating your job posting. “The perfect candidate is rarely out there,” she says. “You can increase your odds of hiring sooner by being open to providing on-the-job training to promising interviewees.”

Bird says the increased number of Chicago jobs means employers not only need to refine their recruiting processes but also make sure they’re focusing on retention efforts. “To ensure your key staff members don’t seek greener pastures, you need to be certain their needs are met,” says Bird. “Today’s employees are absolutely interested in salary and career advancement opportunities, but we’ve also seen that an increasing number of workers want to improve their work-life balance.” Employers can help valued staff meet these personal goals by offering perks like flextime, telecommute options, on-site childcare and employee wellness programs.

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