Monthly Jobs Report: Chicago Unemployment Rate Dips Again

The most recent monthly jobs report puts the Chicago unemployment rate at 5.3 percent in October. In addition, 28,100 Chicago jobs were added in the same reporting period, on a non-seasonally adjusted basis.

Statewide, the unemployment rate for Illinois remained at 5.4 percent in October. The state added 14,100 nonfarm positions during the same period.

What do these numbers mean for managers looking to staff Chicago jobs?

Robert Half District President Marilyn Bird says that in the present climate, companies need to start focusing on retention efforts, as employees are more confident in exploring their options. “Retaining key employees is much easier — and more cost-effective — than trying to find highly skilled professionals in the candidate-driven Chicago jobs market,” Bird says. And while offering competitive salaries is absolutely an important factor in retention, it’s not the only issue to consider. Perks like professional development opportunities and flexible scheduling can bolster your retention plan.

Bird also notes that employers who are actively hiring need to adapt their strategies to accommodate the newest candidates on the block: Generation Z. “It’s vital that hiring managers understand what this generation wants out of a job,” Bird says. “They’re very interested in working for companies with missions they can get behind. When courting them, you want to show them how your organization makes a difference.”

Bird also advises that employers not fall prey to stereotypes about Generation Z being overly dependent on technology. “Many of these young job seekers are far more face-to-face oriented than we might think,” Bird notes, “so be careful to make the hiring process as personal as possible, and emphasize the importance of interdepartmental collaboration in your office.”

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