January 2016 Monthly Jobs Report: Chicago Unemployment Up Slightly

According to the monthly jobs report, the seasonally adjusted Chicago unemployment rate increased slightly for the second month in a row, coming in at 5.9 percent in January. During the same reporting period, 98,400 Chicago jobs were lost, on a non-seasonally adjusted basis.

Statewide, the unemployment rate in January rose to a seasonally adjusted 6.3 percent. In spite of this increase, Illinois saw seasonally adjusted jobs gains of 1,500 in January.

What do these numbers mean for employers looking to staff Chicago jobs?

Robert Half District President Marilyn Bird says that while the Chicago unemployment rate is higher than the national average, hiring managers should remember that it is an average, and it’s still a challenge to locate specialized, skilled talent. “There continues to be high demand for experienced, highly skilled candidates,” Bird says, “and finding the right employee can take time.”

To avoid productivity loss during recruitment, Bird suggests employers re-think their hiring strategies. “Working with a recruiter helps you fill gaps with temporary staffing solutions until permanent hires are found,” she says. “Recruiters may also have a line to passive Chicago job seekers, which can minimize the time and expense of finding new full-time employees.”

Bird also notes the importance of acknowledging generational differences in the modern workforce. “Generation Z job seekers make up a growing percentage of new hires, and they have a different approach to the workplace than some companies are used to,” Bird says. To make sure your organization is attractive to these workers, Bird emphasizes the importance of differentiating your company from the competition regarding issues Gen Z cares about. “Gen Z employees want to work for a company that offers them a career path. Additionally, they don’t want to be seen as just ‘the new kids,’ so it’s important they work in a corporate culture in which they feel respected.” 

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