Which Creative Careers will Show Bostonians the Money? The Creative Group’s Boston Team and Salary Guide Can Help

The Creative Job Market

Well, despite the snow that has immobilized Boston and greater Massachusetts, the creative job market is something that’s moving forward without obstacle.

Boston is a leader in an array of industries, including advertising, financial services, healthcare, information technology, biotechnology, engineering and construction. And recently, I got to talk to the team over in the High Street branch at The Creative Group where their regional manager, Kristen Johnson, and her team have their finger on the pulse of the job market today. Their main advice is to have a strong resume and portfolio and be prepared (even over-prepared!) for the job interview!

Every year TCG puts together a comprehensive Salary Guide with insights into starting compensation for the coming year in cities across the nation. We’ve rounded up five of the most in-demand creative positions in Boston, including a salary comparison of the national averages and Boston ranges. Here’s a look at them:

Top Positions in Demand

National Average Starting Salary

Boston Starting Salary

Graphic Designer (5+ years)



Interactive Marketing Manager



Production Artist (3+ years)



Web Designer (5+ years)



User Experience (UX) Specialist




Creative careers are available in Boston, and according to Johnson and her team, the opportunities for consultants and project work are especially plentiful. What does it take to land them? In a word, experience.  New graduates must be equipped with project work and internships when they finally hit the job market. The market for entry-level creative careers could be tight – especially with all of the universities and colleges in the area producing eager and talented young professionals.

But even experienced professionals will need to work on setting themselves apart when they are on the hunt for creative careers. Effort and creativity are still required for those with a few years of work under their belts. It’s important to be continuously networking and building your brand whether or not you're looking for a new position right now.

No matter where you are in your career, setting yourself apart in Boston’s creative job market is a must. Working with a staffing firm that specializes in placing creative and marketing professionals is a great way to learn about the workplace culture and expectations of top employers in Boston. For more tips and job-seeking advice from Kristen Johnson and her team in Boston, head on over to their feature on the TCG Blog!