Monthly Jobs Report: Uptick in Boston Unemployment Rate

The most recent monthly jobs report says Boston’s unemployment rose 0.4 percentage points in June, coming in at a non-seasonally adjusted rate of 3.9 percent, according to Massachusetts Labor and Workforce Development. On a seasonally adjusted basis, Boston jobs increased by 14,500 during the same reporting period.

Statewide, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 4.2 percent in June, unchanged for the third month. Month over month, Massachusetts added 16,400 seasonally adjusted jobs.

What do these numbers mean for managers looking to staff Boston jobs?

Robert Half Regional President Corey Adams says the bump in the Boston unemployment rate indicates there are more candidates searching for jobs. However, Adams offers a word of caution to employers: “It’s true we’re seeing more job seekers in the current climate, but many of them don’t have the skills and experience employers need.” Finding the right hire, he says, can still be a challenge.

To compete for top talent, Adams advises employers to fine-turn their hiring process.  Collaborate with human resources and make sure everyone agrees on the position requirements and the qualities of the ideal candidate. This helps to avoid spending valuable time and resources interviewing candidates who don’t fit the bill.

Adams also advises hiring managers to be prepared to move quickly. “Even in this market, in-demand talent will likely be fielding multiple offers,” he says. Employers who spend too much time evaluating candidates and deliberating over a hire could lose out on top prospects. “If you’re ready to make an offer, do it sooner rather than later,” Adams says.

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