Monthly Jobs Report: Slight Dip in Boston Unemployment

According to the most recent monthly jobs report, the Boston unemployment rate dropped slightly to a non-seasonally adjusted rate of 4.1 percent in December. During the same reporting period and also on a non-seasonally adjusted basis, 100 Boston jobs were added.

Statewide, the Massachusetts unemployment rate came in at a seasonally adjusted 4.7 percent in December, unchanged from the month prior. The state added 7,100 seasonally adjusted jobs in the month of December.

Let’s take a look at how these numbers affect the Boston jobs market.

“The comparatively low Boston unemployment rate means that fewer highly skilled candidates are applying to open positions,” Robert Half Regional President Corey Adams says. “To compete for the top candidates, employers need to put their best foot forward to make their organization attractive to job seekers, so they can show why they’re better than the competition.”

For many employers, Adams says, selling candidates on your organization may involve offering them a higher salary. In fact, 54 percent of CFOs polled in a Robert Half survey said they offered new hires a starting salary that was higher than what they made in their previous positions.

“Starting salary isn’t everything, though,” Adams notes. “You also want to sell your workplace culture, wellness programs and career advancement opportunities. But an increase in pay will always make an offer seem more attractive.”

Adams also suggests that employers consider working with a recruiter to locate skilled professionals in the Boston job market.

“A reputable staffing specialist will have his or her ear to the ground and will be able to tap passive job candidates who may not be actively looking for work,” he says. Recruiters also save time and energy in regard to hiring efforts, as they take on a good deal of the legwork, Adams says.

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