The Boston Jobs Report: Unemployment Continues to Drop

The Boston unemployment rate has fallen again, according to the most recent Boston jobs report. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development’s press release puts unemployment for April 2015 at 3.8 percent for the Boston area, down from 4.4 percent in March. Boston also had the most significant job gains of tracked areas in Massachusetts, with 36,500 new jobs added in April, on a non-seasonally adjusted basis.

The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for Massachusetts was 4.7 percent, and some 10,100 positions were added statewide, bringing the total for the past year to 66,100 new jobs.

What do these numbers mean for Boston employers?

Robert Half senior regional vice president Ryan Sutton says the challenges for Boston managers have become more complex. According to Sutton, “An increase in skilled candidates receiving multiple offers, and candidates delaying accepting offers due to additional opportunities pending, has added time to the hiring process. This can complicate matters significantly for companies looking to staff vacancies quickly.

Still, Sutton warns, acting too hastily to make up for lost time once you identify a candidate can backfire. “Take time to evaluate the candidate thoroughly. Beware candidates who reluctantly accept an offer, or accept a salary below what they initially requested,” because this can indicate an issue with the employee’s ability to fit within your organization.

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