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Quitting Your Job? How to Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving

An illustration of a professional walking out the door, which is what you might do after quitting your job

You’ve reached a crossroads in your career, and it’s time to let your boss know you’re quitting your job. Whether you’re leaving for a new position, launching your own business or taking time off, there are a few important steps you’ll want to take to end things in the right way.


10 Job Interview Tips for First-Time Managers

Interview Tips for First-Time Managers

Job interviews are stressful for applicants on a job hunt. But they can be just as nerve-racking when you’re the one conducting the interview, particularly if you’re a first-time manager. Given the high cost of a bad hire, you need to make sure that you get everything right the first time so you don’t have to restart the hiring process. Here are 10 job interview tips for new managers. 


How the Gen Z Mind-set Is Transforming the Nature of Employment

A Gen Z professional works at her desk

The influx of members of Generation Z into the workforce today is not only an important diversity issue but also a lens through which to understand the changing workplace, and even changes in the very nature of what it means to be an employer or employee. Learn more in this post from generational expert Bruce Tulgan.