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Workplace Roundup: Buying Gifts for Coworkers and the Most Ethical Professions

With the holidays practically on top of us, gift giving is in full swing around the office. In the past couple of days alone, I’ve seen this book, this plush toy and these socks unwrapped by colleagues. Still debating whether to buy something for your boss or workplace BFF? You’ve come to the right place. In this week’s Workplace Roundup, we look at office gift giving trends and more. Enjoy!


6 Interview Tips to Get the Job — and 6 People Doing It Wrong


For the majority of candidates, the job interview is the most difficult portion of the hiring process. You’re under the gun to make a strong impression. And research we’ve conducted shows that you don’t have a lot of time to do so. Sixty percent hiring managers form an opinion of job seekers in 10 minutes or less. Almost one in five (18 percent) do it in half that time. With that in mind, here are six interview tips for the next time you’re across the desk from a potential employer — and six people who are doing it wrong, according to managers we’ve surveyed. 


Resumania™: Watch Every Word When Writing a Resume

When writing a resume, the spell-check function can be your best friend. But don’t rely on it entirely. As we all know, it won’t catch every error. In particular, it’s unlikely to flag a word that is spelled correctly but used incorrectly.