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Resumania™: Is It Worth Writing a Clever Resume?

Any job seeker knows that it’s hard — and sometimes darn near impossible — to get a hiring manager’s attention. So some candidates infuse their resumes and cover letters with humor, unexpected analogies, and cute and clever language in an effort to stand out. But will a clever resume really give you an advantage? Probably not. If fact, it could harm your chances of being called for a job interview.


Workplace Roundup: Who Needs Proper Spelling Anyway?

New Year’s has come and gone, and things are already in full swing here — I’m sure they are in your neck of the woods too. In this week’s Workplace Roundup, we look at a new approach to management, a rethinking of etiquette around email and workplace communication, and other fascinating topics. Without further ado …


Resumania™: Referencing the Reference Check in Your Resume

Rest assured that most employers will conduct a reference check if they are seriously considering bringing you on board. But that stage of the hiring process comes well after you submit your resume. For this reason, there’s no need to include “References available upon request” or similar language on the document.


Salary Negotiation: What to Do When a Candidate Counters

Salary negotiation tips

Great news! You’ve offered your top candidate the job, and you anticipate she will accept the offer. But don’t draw up the paperwork yet. Once you get a response, put your bargaining hat on and expect to negotiate salary.