Resume Experts: Does Your Resume Need Professional Help?

By Robert Half on March 16, 2015 at 7:00am

Have you sent out your resume to more organizations than you care to mention and haven’t gotten many (or any) callbacks?

Or have you been out of the job market for a long time and want someone who knows about resumes to look at yours? If so, you may want to consider using resume experts.

What exactly do resume experts do? In a nutshell, resume experts edit and polish your resume. More specifically, they: 

  • Check your spelling and grammar: Yes, typos do abound and are increasingly becoming the norm in today’s world of texts, tweets and other social media posts. But they don’t belong in your resume. In fact, 63 percent of senior managers interviewed for a Robert Half survey said that one or two mistakes in a resume are enough to get a candidate eliminated from consideration for the job. A resume expert can help you if grammar and spelling are not your strong suit. 
  • Design and organize: A hiring manager will form an impression of your resume in part based on how it looks. Your resume also needs to be organized in a way that makes your qualifications for the job crystal clear. Resume experts can help you make sure your resume isn’t stylistically outdated or difficult to follow. 
  • Promote yourself: Maybe you know what you’ve accomplished, but you can’t quite explain it on paper. You’re not alone; many people find it difficult to talk about themselves. A resume expert can help you highlight your strengths so they stand out in the eyes of your potential employer. 
  • Fix gaps and hops: Perhaps you’ve taken time off work for family reasons or illness, or you’ve changed jobs frequently. A resume expert can help you phrase and arrange career gaps or job hopping so you can put your best foot forward. 

Choose wisely

If you decide your resume would benefit from an expert’s hand, do some research before you hire one. Go through the resume samples on various resume experts’ websites, and make sure they are free from typos and outdated elements. Look for someone who has plenty of years of experience and will work with you directly.

Also look to trustworthy friends and colleagues for resume expert references. And before you hire one, ask for references — and check them. Talk with the references about their experience and whether they think it was worthwhile. After all, many resume experts charge $300 or more, depending on what you need and how much experience the expert has.

Keep in mind that you can get free professional resume writing advice by registering with a staffing firm. Recruiters have the advantage of working with employers on a daily basis, so they know what companies are looking for in resumes.

Who helps you get your resume in tip-top shape? Let us know in the comments section.

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