Resumania™: Steer Clear of Slang and Smiley Faces on Your Resume and Cover Letter

By Robert Half February 17, 2014 at 8:00am

We live in a world of casual texts and tweets. But when it comes time to write your resume and cover letter, remember that you’re crafting business documents. While your writing doesn’t need to be overly formal or stuffy, it should be appropriate and professional.

Save the textspeak, acronyms, emoticons and laid-back language for when you’re corresponding with friends. You don’t want to give prospective employers any reason to question your communication skills or common sense.

Hiring managers surely did not LOL at these job applicants’ lack of polish:

COVER LETTER: “I’m just a college kid looking to make some serious coin.”

He’s penny-wise and pound-foolish.

COVER LETTER: “I feel I’m a perfect fit for your company. Let’s make this happen, Cap’n!”

Aye, aye.

“OBJECTIVE: Anything 4 $$$$.”

You’re 2 focused on $alary.

“SKILLS: Able to stay busy managing people yadda, yadda, yadda.”

Also possesses strong blah, blah, blah abilities.

COVER LETTER: “Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearin’ from you.”

We are not seein’ an interview in your future.

RESUME: “I’m not dull! LOL!”

No argument here.

COVER LETTER: “I will be glad to send u a copy of my resume.”

We “r” waiting.

Have you seen any good resume or cover letter goofs? Send examples to [email protected].

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