Resumania™: Motto Mania

By Robert Half December 15, 2014 at 8:00am

You’ve likely noticed that some people include a pithy statement at the bottom of their email messages. For instance, just below the sender’s signature line, you might find a personal motto or a quotation from a famous historical figure. While including clever catchphrases or inspirational sayings is generally fine for email, they don’t belong on your resume.

If you have not already impressed prospective employers with a succinct summary of your professional skills and experience, it’s unlikely that they’ll be swayed by your advice to “Smile because it is free and fun,” as one job candidate wrote in her resume.

Here are some more mottos that missed the mark:

“MY MOTTO: Work smarter, never harder.”

We question your work ethic.

“MY MOTTO: Quality, not quantily.”

Our motto: Abandon the aphorisms and pledge to proofread.

“MY MOTTO: If life deals you lemons, make lemonade. If life deals you tomatoes, make a Bloody Mary.”

Or spaghetti sauce.

“MY MOTTO: Only dead fish float with the current.”

You’ve given us that sinking feeling.

“MY MOTTO: —Thomas Edison.”

Looks like you’re missing something.

"MY MOTTO: Work ethic is defined by what you can do when the boss isn’t looking.”

Our motto: Never hire a sneaky employee.

“MY MOTTO: I come to work, NOT to make friends.”

Have you considered self-employment?

Have you seen any good resume or cover letter goofs? Send examples to [email protected].

Resumania™: The Trouble With TMI in Your Resume

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