Resumania™: Comparing Yourself to Cheese Won't Impress Employers

By Robert Half on May 5, 2014 at 7:00am

Authors often use analogies to paint more detailed pictures and deepen a reader’s understanding. By making comparisons between different people or objects, writers can spotlight similarities, adding both clarity and flavor to a piece of writing.

But be careful with who — or what — you compare yourself to when you’re applying for a job. What you think will be funny or clever might come across as weird, confusing or unprofessional to a prospective employer. Consider these odd comparisons:

COVER LETTER: “I guess you can call me ‘Chameleon’ because like that lizard, I can adapt.”

A candidate who’s hiding his true colors.

COVER LETTER: “I am more powerful than Limburger.”

The world’s cheesiest analogy.

COVER LETTER: “I’m like a split personality, so put both my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to work for you.”

We might take Dr. Jekyll, but you can keep Mr. Hyde.

COVER LETTER: “If the company I work for is a fine 1967 Shelby Mustang, and the company president is the driver, and the engineers and managers are the twin turbo engine, then I am the synthetic oil that makes the car run smoothly and efficiently.”

We're not “racing” to call this candidate.

COVER LETTER: “You give me a metaphorical pile of wood, and like a carpenter I’ll build you a success stairway to climb to the top.”

That’s quite an elevator pitch.

COVER LETTER: “Like a spaceship, I shoot for the moon (but without the clunky gear and the exciting launch).”

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