Resumania™: 3 Resume Questions Recent Grads Should Ask Themselves

By Robert Half June 2, 2014 at 7:00am

Are you about to graduate from college? Congrats!

Now get to work on fine-tuning your resume.

The resume remains the centerpiece of your job-search toolkit, and a carefully crafted one can help you stand out among your many fellow recent grads. Before you apply for your first job, ask yourself these three key questions:

1. Is my resume clear, concise and free of typos?
2. Have I documented all the relevant real-world skills I’ve gained through internships, part-time jobs, volunteering and extracurricular activities?
3. Did I organize and format my information for easy readability?

The following entry-level job candidates didn’t make great first impressions:

“SUMMARY: Proud member of the Class of ____.”

Don’t forget to fill in the blank!

“EDUCATION: Studied public rations.”

Must be a new major.

“OBJECTIVE: To get an opportunity to proof what I know.”

Step one: Proof your resume.

“EXPERIENCE: No professional experience, but I have paid my do’s.”

Poor attention to detail is a definite don’t.

“EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in film. Not the wisest investment I’ve made in my life, but I had four fun years.”

Well, as long as you had a good time …

“EDUCATION: Bachelorette degree in human resource management.”

You couldn’t manage to edit?

Have you seen any good resume or cover letter goofs? Send examples
to [email protected].

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