IT Grads: Here's What to Include on Your Computer Science Resume

By Robert Half August 26, 2014 at 2:00pm

It's a great market for many IT professionals, but recent IT graduates will need to put in some extra effort to get their computer science resumes noticed.

Hiring managers are looking for applicable experience, whether they're seeking a desktop support technician or network administrator. How do you make sure your computer science resume stands out from the rest of the crowd? Robert Half Technology's senior executive director, John Reed, has some good advice, including:

  • Demonstrate your problem-solving skills. Hiring managers want to know about internships, class projects, volunteer work and leadership skills, but they need specific examples. Reed suggests setting up the experience part of your resume with an activity and a problem you solved, and then explaining how you solved that problem.
  • Tout your soft skills. Your technical abilities are key, but so are your communication skills and ability to listen and work on a team. Highlight these people skills in your resume.
  • Keep is short. At this point in your career, a one-page resume is long enough. Use an easy-to-read typeface.
  • Check for accuracy. Hiring managers are looking for detail-oriented candidates. Check and double-check your resume and cover letter for typos, and have a trusted friend review your documents for accuracy as well. One mistake can move your computer science resume from the "in" to "out" pile.

Check out John Reed's other tips for crafting a stand-out computer science resume, and give us any tips you have in the comments section below.


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