4 Tips for Writing a Winning Customer Service Resume

By Robert Half on April 26, 2017 at 12:44am

Thriving businesses owe a large part of their success to being able to provide excellent customer service, which we know begins with how you interact with your colleagues. As you update your customer service resume consider this: A customer service representative is the company's opening act, a preview of what a business has to offer. Potential clients and customers are more likely to become loyal clients and customers if they are favorably impressed at this stage of the game. 

Highlight your interpersonal skills

As a result, employers seek individuals whose qualifications indicate they possess the people skills needed to give top-notch customer service. Craft your customer service resume in a way that tells the story (albeit on one page) of your excellent customer service career history. In preparing your resume, keep in mind your strengths for working with a variety of personalities and temperaments. Emphasize how, as a customer service representative, you possess a knack for working with both pleasant and unpleasant people, along with an ability for keeping your cool when dealing with challenging situations. 

So how do you convey these attributes on a resume? If you're in the market for a job as a customer service representative, you'll need to know how to prepare a resume that lets a hiring manager know you have what it takes and then some. Here are four tips for writing a winning customer service resume: 

Show the right stuff for the job

Think about the qualities you possess that make you suited to work as a customer service representative. 

  • Are you empathetic to customer concerns? 
  • Can you accept criticism without taking it personally? 
  • Do you take a hands-on approach to resolving issues? 

Edit your customer service resume down to the essentials

No service industry employment — even a part-time job or college internship — should be considered too small to include on your customer service resume if you want to be a serious contender for an open position. Employers look for people who have experience dealing with the public. Working as a food server, receptionist, bank teller or any job requiring frequent and direct contact with people is a big plus in the minds of hiring managers seeking customer service representatives.

Emphasize accomplishments

Lend credibility to the skills you list on your customer service resume by giving examples of how you use them on the job. Employers aren't likely to be bowled over by your claim of being a problem solver if you leave it at that. Cite instances of how your problem-solving skills yielded a positive outcome by helping a client resolve an urgent matter or satisfying a difficult customer. 

Populate your resume with verbs, illustrating your initiative

Include action verbs indicative of service experience which may be picked up by a computer scanning resumes for keywords. Words to use in your resume include assisted, supported, solved and improved. These are buzzwords that can help your customer service resume make it through the first stage of the evaluation process. 

Last but not least, it's important to follow an employer's guidelines for submitting a customer service resume. Ignoring this step and doing it your own way could be interpreted by a hiring manager to mean you're careless or don't like taking direction. Either way, it can be seen as a red flag that you may not have the right mindset for a service position. Pay careful attention to any specific instructions for resume submission, like format preference or not sending it as an email attachment. Having the courtesy to respect an employer's preference in this regard is the first indicator that you have what he or she is looking for in a customer service representative. 

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