WorkVine: A Salary Negotiation No-No for Employers

Salary Negotiation

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In today’s highly competitive hiring environment, it’s not uncommon for job seekers with in-demand skills to receive multiple job offers. Considering the leverage they now have, candidates aren’t shying away from asking for more money during the salary negotiation.

This means that hiring managers can’t afford to be caught off-guard during compensation discussions. Enter the salary negotiation with a backup plan in case the candidate counters and you can’t meet his or her request. Applicants are often willing to compromise on base salary if you make concessions in other areas. For example, telecommuting is a popular perk, even if just for a day or two a week. Additional vacation time, flexible scheduling and professional development opportunities can also help you sweeten the pot in lieu of higher pay.

You know what’s not going to be effective during a salary negotiation? Boosting the font size of the dollar sign that appears in your offer letter.

Before you go into a salary negotiation, make sure you’re offering an amount that’s in line with the going rate. Download free copies of our annual Salary Guides to see starting salary ranges for more than 750 positions across various professions.