Workplace Roundup: Office Snacking, White Elephant Gifts and Graduating in a Recession

One of my favorite things to do is read up on the latest career and workplace research and management trends. OK, I know, it sounds kind of geeky. But I find it endlessly fascinating. After all, we spend so many of our waking hours at our desks that new studies and stats can shed light on how to make this time as valuable and enjoyable as possible. Each week, I’ll share a collection of the most interesting work-related articles and insights I’ve come across. Hopefully, they’ll help you in your career!

Office Snacking 101

Just in time for all the holiday goodies that are starting to invade your workplace, here’s a guide to office snacking etiquette. Writing for, manner’s guru Richie Freeman advises all of us to, among other things, “remember, we are adults, not toddlers at a birthday party.”

White Elephant Gift Exchange Hall of Shame

In my department, one of the highlights of the year is the annual white elephant gift exchange. Remote members of the team even get in on the action by mailing their gifts in advance. Thankfully, no one has ever sent a “beard grooming kit for women,” “an old greasy work boot” or any of the other item’s on The Creative Group’s list of the worst real-life white elephant gifts.

One Good Thing About Graduating in a Recession

Graduating college in a recession is no fun. But it turns out there may be a silver lining. New research from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School shows that those who graduate into a recession are more satisfied with their jobs than those who enter the workforce at better times.

Career Advice From a Loooong-Time Employee

I’ve been working for Robert Half for more than 11 years, and I’m pretty proud of that fact. Turns out, I’ve got nothing on Tony Graham, a sports writer who had the same beat for almost 45 years! Check out his awesome career advice, based on his monster tenure. My favorite pearl of wisdom: Always remain open to adapting.

‘Michelangelos of Work Avoidance’

Once, at a previous job, I came in on the weekend to finish up a project that was due the following Monday. Turns out my boss was there, too. Except, while I was toiling away, he was making international phone calls on the company dime. He’s what Forbes has identified as “Michelangelos of work avoidance,” or workers who get paid for doing nothing.