Workplace Roundup: Here’s to Your Morning Coffee!

If you’re like me, you start each day with one thing in mind: coffee. It’s key to my productivity. Without a coffee in hand, I’m a zombie for much of the morning. And this time of year, when it’s cold and dark at 6 a.m., a large, steaming cup of joe is absolutely essential. With that in mind, let’s kick off this week’s Workplace Roundup with new insight into every worker’s favorite beverage.

The Most Coffee-Crazy Country

Which country consumes the most coffee per capita? The Dutch. And it ain’t even close. Each person in the Netherlands drinks almost 2 ½ cups of coffee per day (2.414, to be exact). That’s according to a new study of coffee consumption reported on in The Atlantic. Looking for the United States’ ranking? You’re going to have to scroll a bit. We’re in 16th place, at a measly 0.931 cups per person per day. I know I’m doing my share to help America climb the list.

Regular or Decaf?

This question can spark heated debate. (Regular, please!) If you fall in the decaf camp, you might consider switching. Fast Company reports on a study from Johns Hopkins University that shows the amount of caffeine in a small Starbucks coffee is enough to help boost memory. Did I really need another reason to stop during my way into work?

Time to Log Off

When do you turn off your smartphone at night? (Or perhaps a better question is, Do you turn off your smartphone at night?) Writing for the HBR Blog Network, a trio of researchers shows that using your smartphone after 9 p.m. can negatively affect your performance at work the next day. In fact, the authors note that “smartphones are almost perfectly designed to disrupt sleep.” Using them to check email late at night leaves you tired the next morning and, ultimately, less engaged at work. I’m logging off now!

Leave the Lighter at Home

Did you hear about the job seeker who set fire to the hiring manager’s newspaper during the interview? Or about the candidate who popped his teeth out when discussing dental benefits? If not, head over to the Wall Street Journal to read about some of the craziest things applicants have done during the job interview. The two examples I mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. (And if you want even more laughs, check out these videos of job interviews gone wrong.)

Even the Grey Lady Makes Mistakes

Finally, on a fun note, regular readers of this blog are familiar with “Resumania™,” our lighthearted look at resume goofs and cover letter mistakes. For anyone who’s ever missed a typo or grammatical mistake in their application materials (that group includes me), take comfort in knowing that the New York Times had a typo on the front page for more than 100 years! The Huffington Post has the full story.