Workplace Roundup: Buying Gifts for Coworkers and the Most Ethical Professions

With the holidays practically on top of us, gift giving is in full swing around the office. In the past couple of days alone, I’ve seen this book, this plush toy and these socks unwrapped by colleagues. Still debating whether to buy something for your boss or workplace BFF? You’ve come to the right place. In this week’s Workplace Roundup, we look at office gift giving trends and more. Enjoy!

To Buy or Not to Buy

Forget string theory or multivariable calculus. Few things will make your brain hurt more than trying to decide whom to buy a Christmas gift for at the office and how much to spend. According to American Express, 40 percent of workers will play Santa to at least one coworker.

The Most Principled Professionals

Poor lobbyists. They placed last on Gallup’s annual poll of the most honest and ethical workers. Number one on the list? Nurses, who have held the top spot for more than a decade. Check out Business Insider’s summary of the survey results to see where your profession ranks.

Walking the Fine Line With Your Boss

The Waffler. The Zinger. The Ghost. New Marvel superheroes? Not quite. These are three types of bosses that could prove challenging to work for. Fear not, though! OfficeTeam comes to the rescue in a blog post on how to manage your manager.

How to Build a Better Workspace

Tom Eich of innovation and design firm IDEO talks office design in Businessweek. He clues readers in to the worst design flaw in today’s workplaces, argues against the private office and explains what the heck hot-desking is.