Temporary Staffing Solutions: Productivity with Affordability

By Robert Half on December 29, 2015 at 3:00pm

It’s not uncommon for some positions to remain open for weeks as the hiring manager sorts resumes, conducts interviews and evaluates the pros and cons of each candidate. But unless you have superhuman employees who can take on more responsibilities without falling behind on their own workloads, those empty chairs can mean a loss of productivity. Working with a staffing agency can help you bridge the gap while you’re searching — and potentially produce permanent staffing solutions.

Here are some other scenarios where interim employees can be a crucial component of your firm’s overall hiring strategy:

You don’t need a full-time replacement

One of your accountants recently resigned during a busy period. You’re not convinced you’ll need a new permanent hire, but you can’t afford to get completely behind on the work the former employee was handling while deciding. What you are convinced of is that you need help now.

Here’s where a reputable staffing agency comes in. The best firms can quickly provide temporary candidates who are right for your work environment. Their candidates undergo a rigorous evaluation to ensure they have the skills and experience to hit the ground running. They can help out right when you need them — but will no longer be an expense when the crunch is over.

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You need help, but you’re not ready for a full-time employee

You’ve assessed your workplace needs, and you need additional staffing solutions. You think there’s a good chance you may soon need to hire another full-time employee, but you’re a little nervous about making that kind of commitment yet. If you engage a temporary professional on a temp-to-hire basis instead, you can fill your immediate need and take your time evaluating her work and fit with the company culture before committing to a long-term professional relationship.

What’s more, a good staffing agency will provide you with a guarantee for every worker it places, meaning they’ll replace the professional if it turns out he isn’t the right one for the job. That protects you from the potential costs of hiring and dismissing one employee and having to hire and train another.

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You need a specialist for a short-term project

What do you do when an important initiative comes up and you need someone with a skill set no one on your current staff has?

Instead of hiring a full-time employee whom you may not need on an ongoing basis after the project is complete, consider bringing in a project specialist with the targeted experience required. You’ll save money by paying the specialist on a temporary or consulting basis instead of hiring full time.

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In today’s rapidly changing hiring environment, temporary staffing solutions make more sense than ever. From relatively brief interludes as vacancies are being filled to long-term projects that require professionals with special skills, a top-notch staffing agency can help you meet all your needs.

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